a team composed of professionals



From the beginning of the professional activity (1991) the founders, have identified the fundamental points around which to create a company structure that has been increasingly evolving and expanding; the continuous improvement has contributed in terms of high value-added to our clients.

The internal management consists of the Senior Project planners who usually work with Project Manager functions, supported and interfaced with the various managers of the contract and of the interdisciplinary operational coordination between the various divisions present, the Project Engineer Manager. They are present for the development of specific engineering, various Specialist Project Leader for all technical departments, and various Project planners junior specially engaged in CAD activities.

The team related to each contract, is always dimensioned according to the complexity and necessary technical features, and always consists of a Project Manager, a P.E.M. and one or more P.S.L. with relative Project planners junior.
For special requirements, SECIS uses the work of external consultants with special expertise in specific technical issues; these “external” resources are actually seen as part the company’s organization, given the decades of experience and mutual cooperation. These additional professionalism, when activated, is in fact always coordinated within the SECIS operating in accordance with the procedures and corporate methodologies.

The work environment that is created within the SECIS facilities allows us to better manage every assignment, even in the simultaneous presence of several highly complex projects.
Our added value should include the ability to coordinate team of professionals and technicians so a detailed organization chart of skills that are complementary, a winning team that allows the full achievement of the mission and corporate objectives to meet the client’s needs.