Our services"

The SECIS provides engineering services ranging from feasibility and initial planning, to executive and detailed development, project management and control, and management and control of the construction works. Its strength lies in the use of integrated design and subsequent on-site activities as a natural implementation of Project Management and Construction Management techniques applied throughout all phases.

The following is a list of the main services developed in the various ACTIVITY SECTORS in which the company operates: building works, industrial plants (chemical/petrochemical), pharmaceutical plants, infrastructure works, hydraulic works, urban planning, environmental impact, energy saving, and safety.


3D surveying and mapping.

3D surveys and mapping of the church of Santa Maria Immacolata – Giardini Naxos (ME). Processing of the point cloud using Autodesk Recap.




We always stay in touch with our clients throughout every phase of the project. We electronically share graphic designs, technical specifications, schedules, and cash flow, to make sure our clients are involved in every step of the project.



“The use of photographs and images that, elaborated by software, provide countless information is increasingly widespread. The fields of application are many, and the boundary is constantly evolving. At SECIS, we use drones equipped with cutting-edge technologies to photograph and map the terrain. The acquired images are processed using advanced software, ensuring the utmost reliability of the information. Thanks to our BIM platform, we are able to generate 3D models of the mappings, resulting from the processing of collected data, thus speeding up inspection times and making them more accurate.”

trimble and


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To work efficiently and accurately without using your hands.

With this device, you can stay focused to complete tasks safely and without errors using hand tracking, pre-defined voice commands, eye tracking, spatial mapping, and a wide view field. At Secis, we always use it on construction sites during the planning and building phases, thanks to the advanced technology of Trimble, which can interface the real construction site with the virtual 3D environment.
With these innovative tools, it’s possible to view every virtual object overlaid on the real working area with millimeter precision.
We have been using this innovative technology since 2020, and we can proudly say that we are among the first in Italy to use it. In total, there are only four Italian companies using this technology. 




For this particularly delicate and responsible phase, which is mostly responsible for the success of what has been planned and requested by the contracting party through contractual documents, SECIS operates with an engineering mindset. The multidisciplinary expertise within the company ensures full operability in the field of construction and architectural site management, structural design, systems engineering, energy management, safety, and environmental protection.



As an autonomous engineering activity, SECIS deals with the testing of constructions as required by the reference regulations of the sector or in accordance with specific requests from the client, especially in those cases where the achievement of strict performance requirements is fundamental. The over-decade-long experience gained, especially in complex realizations and with particular problems, combined with the specific multidisciplinary competencies present within SECIS, guarantee full operability in the field of testing for construction, architectural, structural, and plant engineering works.


consulenze (1)

The constant approach to technical issues as an engineering company and the multidisciplinary skills present within SECIS allow the company to fully operate in the field of technical consultancy, in the broadest sense of the word. This includes everything that cannot be traced back to the classic definitions of design, construction management, testing, and safety on site.