Innovative and reliable solutions

Customer satisfaction

For SECIS and then for human resources that comprise it, the mission is to reach and center customer satisfaction (customer), ensuring efficient performance, applying innovative and reliable methodologies and solutions and pursuing continuous improvement of our design systems and construction activities.

The customer is the central point for all technical activities carried out by SECIS operating, according to the techniques of project management, looking, mediating and interpreting their needs in order to provide technical / economical solutions that meet their needs but always take view of the technical, economic and related functional; for this purpose the resources present in SECIS homestyle the multidisciplinary always required more frequently. The customer is always involved, either directly or through its own technical department if present, so that the technical work carried out by SECIS throughout the design process is always the result of mutual discussion and participation, verifying requests / needs of the client.

The engineering design, developed by SECIS is a “shared” design by the customer: to ensure that we resort to continuous checks and meetings in the different project phases in order to comment and approve the solutions until reaching the “release for construction”; Following the design process, even almost exclusively specialist phases, allows us to achieve the client’s goals and thus accomplish our.