Carry out activities to the best of your ability

Experience and multidisciplinary skills


Achieving the goals provided according to the company’s Mission is to SECIS an imperative that has an impact on the method used to address the problems and perform the required tasks.

Regarding the services offered, in general it is evident that the considerable experience gained over many years of activity and multidisciplinary expertise available within the SECIS, allowed the development of a marked pragmatism, specially oriented to the consideration of the financial variables and times of construction, regarded as top priorities.
This methodology is according to the way of operating and evaluating designs and achievements by especially the “great commission”, belonging to the sectors of industry and service sector, where start-up of “building with its contents” and “profitability” of the structures built are crucial aspects of the pipeline project analysis.

For this, in SECIS the project choice is never seen as a series of activities aimed at the pursuit of design excellence, but as a series of engineering activities to produce the best solution that is the synthesis of functionality and function requests / needs of the client; the entire design process is always run with the active participation of the client. Another fundamental aspect of SECIS methodology is in fact what the customer / client and his demands / needs are at the heart of engineering activities representing the fulcrum around which to develop the proposals and design solutions according to project management techniques.

Be noted, see the facilities offered, that particular attention is paid right at the design phase to analyze and find solutions to the various problems that may occur during execution; this methodology reduces variations in the course of work with the consequent economic benefit and shorter times of realization of the work, always in agreement with what is required by a correct and modern way of operating.