Drone engineering

and laser scanner

Customized applications

The drone equipped with a laser scanner represents the ideal solution for aerial scanning of land, buildings, and industrial plants

Thanks to the combination of these technologies, it is possible to obtain precise and detailed data quickly and efficiently, allowing accurate and detailed surveys and analysis. In particular, the laser scanner allows information to be acquired in three dimensions, allowing for a detailed mapping of the explored sites. This solution represents an excellent option for many applications, including terrain modeling, natural resource management, and industrial safety.


  • Industrial plants
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Agronomists
  • Insurance companies
  • Solar power plant operators
  • Wineries
air scan

Our services

  • Industrial plant inspections
  • 3D photogrammetry
  • Thermal camera inspections
  • Precision agriculture
  • Archaeological site surveys
  • Construction site management with drones


  • 3D mapping restitution on BIM platform
  • Reduced time for inspections and checks on the maintenance status of existing buildings
  • Support for carrying out modernization and expansion interventions
  • Construction site management through periodic drone flights

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