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Since 1995 in the civil and industrial field



SECIS is an engineering company operating since 1995 in the civil and industrial field and was created by the will of the two founders, Dr. ing. Paolo Sciré and Luciano Antonino Spampinato, who, drawing on their professional experience and the existing Technical Study Associate (founded by them beginning in 1991), they decided to support him to be able to structure a more organic shape the increasing professional technical dimension of the activities engineering needed to develop contracts, more and more important and challenging, entrusted by the client.

Since that decision was born SECIS, an engineering company, formed by a group of professionals at the service of private companies, government agencies and other engineering companies. Our methodology of work is derived from previous experiences with international companies in the sector; our working cycle programming costs and response times, control the implementation of corrective actions in the pipeline, creating reliable project groups, dynamic, able to always act in the interest of our client (see the dedicated pages site), according to the techniques of the project management and construction management.

Dott. ingg. Paolo Sciré (destra) ed Antonino Luciano Spampinato (sinistra).
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