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“A device compatible with wearable helmet that allows workers in safety-controlled environments to access holographic information about their workplace: Trimble® with HoloLens. With Trimble® service, they use 3D models in virtual reality and associate them with reality to solve work activities, optimize time and act with maximum precision.”

  • Model Coordination
  • Pre-construction
  • Training
  • Construction Sequences
  • 3D Activity Management


Innovation and


Secis is among the few companies nationwide to use Trimble with HoloLens 2, the first device created with the Microsoft HoloLens customization program and integrates the latest spatial computing technology into a certified solution for use with a safety helmet for workers. With a wider field of view, improved usability, and a unique flip-up display, this device combines cutting-edge mixed reality and secure operation in restricted access work areas.
BIM construction site management

drone surveys

The use of software-processed photos and images to gather vast amounts of information is becoming more and more common. This technology is utilized in numerous fields, with constantly changing boundaries. Applications include soil analysis, plant studies, and assessing the state of buildings, monuments, and architectural structures. By comparing data collected using traditional tools and topography with data obtained using professional drones, precise and trustworthy information is acquired. This ensures the utmost accuracy in data analysis and reliability.

  • Return on BIM platform of 3D mappings;
  • Reduction of time for inspections and controls on the maintenance status of existing buildings;
  • Support for carrying out modernization and expansion interventions;
  • Optimization in the use of fertilization treatments and water requirements for crops;
  • Simplified search for faults in photovoltaic panels.
time optimization

maximum precision

Our company uses drones to carry out aerial surveys of construction sites, quarries, work areas, and to inspect buildings, industrial structures and photovoltaic plants. The data collected is analyzed to detect morphological differences in the terrain and verify the progress status of the work. Thanks to the BIM platform, the collected data is inserted to create 3D maps that offer a detailed view of the analyzed areas.

drone e laser scanner