3rd and 5th of May 2023


An important appointment

Secis is pleased to announce its participation in the online seminar on the topic “Digital for sustainable design and construction processes”, which will be held on May 3 and 5. The event, organized by CTE (College of Technical Experts in Building Industrialization) and AICAP (Italian Association of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete), with the endorsement of FIB, will focus on digitization, a fundamental theme for sectoral development. The seminar, which will offer a comprehensive and professional program dedicated to different professional figures, is a unique opportunity to delve into the subject together with industry experts.

Digitalization is a much-discussed topic, but often the real scope of the opportunities these new technologies can bring, in terms of efficiency in managing and planning work, is not fully understood. The construction sector is traditionally quite slow in adopting and applying innovations, but we cannot exempt ourselves from considering digitalization as a fundamental opportunity for the development of our industry.
How does digitalization affect the sustainable construction processes of work? The seminar will illustrate virtuous examples and case studies that increasingly affirm the almost indispensable need for a connection between these issues. Digitalization of construction processes, technological innovation, and sustainability: these are the elements underlying the recent process innovation involving the construction sector. New companies capable of introducing innovative services, so-called “smart” ones, that have a strong impact on the life cycle of work are emerging more and more. The potential of BIM-oriented integrated design, innovative survey techniques and technologies, and the life cycle of work materials (disposal and recycling of cement conglomerates) will be illustrated, also addressing the issue of sustainability. Finally, the seminar will provide a summary of how digital information, through the role of the Works Management, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction processes, reducing risks and preventing the increase in costs resulting from design errors.

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